Bass Ball


Bunny Brunel and Stanley Clarke bring notable bass players together for this historical new Bass CD, entitled BUNNY BRUNEL AND FRIENDS - BASS BALL.

Introducing BUNNY BRUNEL & FRIENDS - BASS BALL, an exciting new CD produced by Bunny Brunel and Stanley Clarke, featuring incredible performances by Billy Sheehan, Victor Wooten, Steve Bailey, Hadrien Feraud, Larry Dunn, and more.

“I think 'Bass Ball' is a great, innovative record with some of the best bass players in the world, encompassing a variety of styles.” –Bunny Brunel If you like the bass, then you will love "Bass Ball," a new CD encompassing everything that’s great about the bass. The innovative album is produced by Bunny Brunel and Stanley Clarke; and has been five years in the making. "Bass Ball" stars Bunny Brunel and Stanley Clarke, featuring solos by Billy Sheehan, Victor Wooten, Steve Bailey, Armand Sabal-Lecco (who also composed “Standout” on the album), and more. Wanting to add a French flavor, Bunny Brunel invited a few musicians, including bass players from his country to be a part history in the making.

“The French bass players who also play on 'Bass Ball' are famous in France, but not well known here. I was the one who had the privilege to come to America and play with Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock, and others. But there were many bass players in France who were also very good,” remarks Bunny Brunel.

“I wanted to write a song from my hometown in Nice, France. At the very entrance of Nice is a bay called Baie des Anges [translation: Bay of the Angels]. So I composed and named the tune 'Bay of the Angels' and decided to have musicians from my hometown perform on the song; they were trombonist Alex Perdigon, trumpeter Eric Giausserand, bass players Tony Bonfils, Dominique Bertram, Fifi Chayeb (Billy Cobham). There are other songs featuring Josquin Des Pres of St. Tropez, Marc Bertaux, and Hadrien Ferraud from Paris,” concludes Bunny Brunel.

Bass Ball features a Who’s Who of drummers with Dennis Chambers, John Wackerman, Simon Phillips, Steve Ferrone, Johan Franzon, Ike Wiley, Clayton Cameron, and Bryan Cabrera. On Percussion are Chris Moraga and Monette Moreno. Playing keyboards on a few of the tunes is Nick Smith and Larry Dunn (Earth, Wind & Fire). Dunn composed a song with his wife Luisa called “Lulu”—a track filled with layered keyboards and complex, melodic arrangements. Luisa Dunn adds her lush background vocals to the tune. “Lulu” also features flutist Kaylene Peoples (who also plays flute on two additional tracks).

Bunny Brunel and Stanley Clarke make their presence know on all of the songs on Bass Ball. The two virtuosos (Bunny and Stanley) have very distinctive playing and soloing styles, making it easy to guess who's playing what on the album. In the liner notes, "Bass Ball" carefully outlines each bass player's part. However, If you know your bass players, you'll no trouble identifying these iconic players.

"I like the fact that 'Bass Ball' is going to give people an opportunity to hear some of the best bass players they’ve never heard before.” –Stanley Clarke

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